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Specialist brow treatments

Our specialist eyebrow treatments can give you a more permanent effect than using make up everyday, restore brows to their full glory and save tons of time! Choose from sleek and on fleek or big and bold or anything inbetween, the choice is yours.


Create your perfect shape, gives the illusion of having full flawless brows! High definition tint and precision shaping.
Brows are shaped using stencils and a long lasting high defintion tint is applied.

(Lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and 6 weeks on the brow)

Patch test is required 48 hrs before 1st treatment

  • £35.00


Perfect for special occasions or those with sparse or missing brows hairs are applied to the brow area  after the Red carpet treatment to create fuller and natural brows lasts up to 4 weeks

  • £50.00
  • maintenance is recommended after 2 weeks (£20.00)


Fluffy Brows AKA Brow lamination is the latest trend in brow artistry that works for all shapes and hair types. Eyebrow lamination helps to give your brows a more uniform, full shape by setting the hairs, creating thickness and volume to achieve the fluffy 'brushed up' look while giving you a sleek but natural, well kept brow shape for up to 8 weeks!

Eyebrow Lamination will help to give your brows a more uniform, full shape. It is the perfect solution for unruly brows, where hair growth follows different patterns. Using lamination we can create a more symmetrical appearance to achieve the desired shape with a fuller look.

  • £45.00


  • £150
  • (includes 4 week top up)

The semi permanent solution to sparse or thin eyebrows. Hairstrokes are used to put pigment into the skin for a totally natural look, that can last up to 3 years.

Consultation and a top up treatment is required


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The only place I would trust for a hollywood wax, very quick, painless and thorough, and the Backscratcher nails are AMAZING! Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Megan Burns