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Vitamin injections

Vitamins are vital for maintaing healthy body systems and functions. Injections are absorbed quicker and more effectivley than oral supplements. Vitamin injections can be used to support and help with many complaints, support and boost your immune system and metabolism, maintain healthy organs, aid weight loss, support skin, hair and nail health, help to boost energy levels as well as many other benefits.

Consultation is required

  • Vitamin C   £40.00

  • Vitamin b12  £40.00

  • Vitamin b complex £75.00

  • Vitamin D  course of 6 treatments £350.00 or 10 £500.00

  • Vitamin H (skin hair and nails) £40.00 (course is recommended)

  • Weight loss £200.00

  • Hayfever  £180.00

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The only place I would trust for a hollywood wax, very quick, painless and thorough, and the Backscratcher nails are AMAZING! Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Megan Burns